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Catholic Office of the Deaf
3525 South Lake Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653
Phone: (312) 534-7899 Fax: (312) 534-0394
An Agency of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago IL

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St. Francis Borgia Deaf Center

(773) 625-5070 (v/tty)
8025 W. Addison, Chicago (the small building -NOT the main church)
Mass every Sunday at 10:30 am in TOTALCOMMUNICATION - signed & spoken Mass

For deaf Hispanic community – call 312.534.7899 for dates & times

DIFFICULT TIMES for SENIOR CITIZENS, PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, DEAF PERSONS: Recently, the Governor of Illinois signed several bills into law. These bills really hurt people who are poor, old, deaf and/or are disabled. The first bill is called The Smart Act. This bill gets rid of Illinois Cares RX. So, tens of thousands of people will NOT get any help from Illinois government to pay their prescription bills. People who are on Medicare, Social Security will still get help (Part "D"). However, there will be no more drug "co-pays" to help people because of the change in Illinois law.
Second, the Governor signed into law the elimination of the "Circuit Breaker" to help with property tax bills. In the past, the State of Illinois helped senior citizens and people with disabilities. How? The State of Illinois gave seniors and people with disabiltiies a reduction on their property taxes and on their utility bills if they were poor or had small incomes. Now, the State Legislature(Democrats and Republicans) and the Governor have gotten rid of this assistance. What does all this mean?
Basically, for thousands of people who are old, poor, have a disability, they will have to spend MORE money on prescription medicines. They will have to spend MORE money paying their property taxes and utility bills(electricity/heat). They will have LESS money to buy food. Third, the Governor and Legislature changed some of the rules for seniors who wish to go into nursing homes.The State of Illinois has made it MORE difficult for older people to transfer assets(home, savings, investments) to their children. Families need to talk about what will happen if dad and/or mom plan to go into a nursing home in the future. You cannot delay this. This is something families need to discuss NOW! First, people need to let their families know what is going on. Often, family members (sons/daughters) do not realize their parents have been receiving help from these programs. Second, for deaf people, they can go to CHS (Chicago Hearing Society) for help. Also, CILs (Centers for Independent Living). SARITA PHADKE at Schaumburg Township is also a very good person to see. However, help is limited. The government of the State of Illinois has basically said that it will NOT help people who are Senior Citizens, poor, or people who are deaf/disabled as it did before. The State government has refused to pay for these programs anymore. For some people, they may be able to appeal or receive some help, but most people who are seniors, poor, deaf or disabled will suffer from these terrible decisions.
For those living in City of Chicago - check out this link:

Chicago Fire Department Expands Smoke Detector Installation, Targets Residents who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing
LIHEAP means Low Income Home Ebergy Assistance Program. LIHEAP will pay heating bills in the winter for poor individuals and families. There are many agencies where you can go to apply for this service. For an agency near you, call: 1-877-411-9276, or go to
For Deaf Air travelers - check out this link:

New Visual Paging System at Midway Elevates Communication for Travelers


Someone has used the name of the Catholic Office of the Deaf to email many people asking personal information: birth dates, marriage dates, etc. The Catholic Office of the Deaf will NEVER request this information through the internet. If you have received such a message, please do the following: 1) do NOT respond to this at all; do not give any personal information. 2) please forward whatever requests you have gotten to so we may turn this over to the police. Thank you. Fr. Joseph A. Mulcrone
Check out the Calendar! See what`s going on! Here`s a tip -- if you see an event that is underlined, try clicking on the underlined part. It will give you a pop-up with more info.

the U.S government has a new site that is accessible to people:

Check Fr Joe`s Blog for his report from Mexico!

To those people who have Facebook -

Catholic Office of the Deaf is now on Facebook! Just go to the search box in facebook, and type "Chicago Catholic Office of the Deaf", and then become a fan.

To get to the list of interpreted masses, please click on the "Interpreted Masses" link on the left.


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